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Veko Multicolor


Veko Multicolor

With the Multicolor system in your poultry house you get a better management at light intensity and the possibility to manage the colors. The Multi-color system is a tube with 50% white led and 50% colour led: red, green and blue. By combining those colors you can create every color you want. The white led can be used to higher the light intensity.
The switching times and light intensity are managed by the climate computer. The color program is managed by the light computer. You can set the curve for the light combination in the light computer. The computer gradually changes the combination over the given days. You can set this for the morning and afternoon program, and also for the different rows (inside rows/outer rows). The light computer also has the control button. You press that button when you go in the stable to check the chickens, and the computer switches to a set percentage white light for a set time. When the set time is over, the computer switches back to the light program which is controlled by the climate computer. The light computer also has the “manual” function. You can turn each independent color on and off, and also set the amount of one color.
The multicolortube is available from 50cm to 150 cm, so there’s a right length for every housing system. The multi-colortube is suitable for horizontal and vertical installation. The Multi-colortube provides a better and equal light distribution. This reduces the shadow caused by the system.

Technical information

There are 3 different versions of the Multicolor tube:
Length tube 1500mm, 30 Watt, 24V Multicolor LED-tube
Length tube 1000mm, 22 watt, 24V Multicolor LED-tube
Length tube 500mm, 15 Watt, 24V Multicolor LED-tube

Multicolor Led Lighting

All colors adjustable

Optimal light distribution

Solid tube

High light output and 98% dimmable

Expected lifetime >50.000 life hours

Light computer allows you to create every color you want, and also programing the light programs

Useable as evening lighting

Control animal behaviour (cannibalism)

Less feed consumption because of calm hens

Low power consumption